NextGen Sequencing

The research activities within the Life Science community are going through an exciting new phase of change and growth as a result of the opportunities offered by high throughput sequencing also called, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). That novel approach is progressively delivering on its promise as to sequence DNA at unprecedented speed and quality, enabling impressive scientific achievements and novel applications throughout the Life Science industries. NGS has already greatly impacted different fields such as in medical, microbial, animal and plant research. Additionally, Next Gen Sequencing has equally huge potential as a tool for drug discovery, transcriptomics and diagnostics to name a few of applications.

By combining its internal know-how and external sequencing capacities, Progenus offers a unique and seamless high throughput sequencing service proposal covering the sequencing, the assembly, the automatic annotation and the web-based data visualization and reporting of viral (e.g. bacteriophages, ...), prokaryotic (bacteria) and eukaryotic genomes (yeasts, fungus, algae and mosses) through the Genome Annotation Pipeline Service (GAPS).

High Throughput sequencing, NGS

HiSeq 2000, Illumina,  IonTorrent, ….

Seamless process

Thanks to external collaborations Progenus has access to the main NGS marketed technologies such as Illumina, Applied Biosystems, Roche, Pacific Bio and Ion Torrent.

Progenus equally tackles single and metagenomics sequencing projects.

Metagenomics entails the genomic study of the whole micro-flora and micro-fauna of a well-defined environment such as animal guts, bioreactors, soil, water, ...